How We Started

My name is Katie and Riverbend Design has been a dream of mine that is finally happening! I love having a creative outlet that brings some magic into people's lives!

My husband Brett would always laugh at me because I would have a backpack full of what he lovingly referred to as "costume changes" when we were park hopping. But carrying stuff around was bulky and let's face it - no one wants to carry more than they need to at the parks! So I thought what if I made my ears interchangeable?! 


About Us

I grew up going to Disney World at least once a year. So let's just say Disney is in my blood. Some of my favorite memories include Disney trips. My family is DVC and we always made full use of it - and still do! 

In 2013, I married Brett. We had an amazing opportunity to get married on the beach at Disney's Aulani Resort and Spa in Hawaii! It combined our passion for travel with my love for all things Disney. We went back in 2018 and heard they stopped doing outdoor weddings and receptions and told us how lucky we were to have had that opportunity. 


Now we are settled in Michigan with our amazing rescue goldendoodle named Izzy (Isabelle Georgette)! Since she was a rescue we couldn't give her a Disney name, so we settled on her middle name after Georgette from Oliver and Co. We bought a home that sits right on a riverbend. We have spent the last year gutting and renovating this outdated home into something we love! So when it came down to naming the business I couldn't think of a more fitting name than something represents who we are and a little bit of Disney -  Riverbend Design.


Our Values

We are committed to doing our part to be environmentally responsible!  Our ears are made from PLA  (Polylactide). PLA is biodegradable and made from natural sources like sugarcane or corn. We are also committed to reducing plastic use by utilizing compostable/biodegradable shipping supplies.